Apr 2 2015

Jefferson Jay Band

By the time, Jefferson Jay’s mom got to Woodstock, his direction in life was cast. Reared in the late 1960’s hippie ideals of peace, love, community and sharing, Jay was moved by these principles. The songs of this era served to reinforce that message as he grew. Inevitably, Jay landed in California and has been performing music and producing unique events to build community while creating a movement of his own.

Through his parents’ record collection, Jay discovered The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley and the other great masters of their day. Their work, influence, and larger-than-life personas helped Jay realize his path at a young age. After years in bands, Jay formed Sweet Information Records. He is currently supporting his 6th release, “Hallelujah Expressway,” an upbeat, inspired and eclectic jaunt through many of the messages of the late 1960s, with a 21st century original twist. Jefferson’s other passion is humor. Youthful car rides featured early 80’s Howard Stern broadcasts, which left a lasting imprint. Jay has recently become a regular, singing clever songs about San Diego sports teams on The Scott Kaplan and Billy Ray Smith Show on 1090AM.

Jefferson’s community work is highlighted by his “24 Hours of Free Music” marathon concert, offered on four occasions. His Operation 365 project, unrivalled in the history of the internet, had Jay posting three songs (an original, a cover and an archive, usually of a friend performing at one of his shows) and a blog about it all, each day for a year. Jay continues to host Open Mics and loves providing opportunities for new and growing artists.